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About Us

Edge RED is the global mission arm of Edge Church international that partners with organisations to touch and transform lives. Run To RED exists to raise funds for the mission of Edge RED to Rescue, Empower and Deploy people living in desperate need around the world. More than just providing immediate practical aid, Edge RED creates sustainable transformation that will impact entire nations and generations of people both now and in the years to come. Every year, 100% of funds raised through Run To Red are given away.


We're called to rescue those whose lives have been overshadowed by poverty, sickness, or impossible hardship - to bring light to their darkness. We want to be the hand that lifts up the hopeless and help lead them towards a brighter future filled with hope, truth and love.


We are in this for the long haul, investing strategically in partnerships that are effective not only in rescuing the broken, but also in empowering the rescued to walk into a brighter future. Our desire is that those who are rescued today will be empowered tomorrow to lead lives of eternal significance.


Our passion is that we will see individuals and entire communities make the transition from being rescued to rescuing others. We believe that it is every person’s mandate to rescue, empower and deploy, and that everyone can play their part in bringing this reality to life in the world. Through our ongoing support and on-the-ground partnerships, we have already begun to see those who have been rescued, empowering others to go and make their own lasting impact on the world.

Through the power of rescue, empower and deploy the impact of Run To RED is multiplied. RED doesn’t just create sustainability it builds momentum and amplifies our impact. Our goal is to transform lives, communities, cities and entire nations.

100% of funds raised through RED are given away through strategic partnerships with organisations working with the poor, sick and needy around the world. Edge Church International covers all administration costs to ensure 100% of funds will be given away to meet the needs of the local and global community.

The Run to RED event is the culmination of our annual fundraising efforts where everyone comes together to walk, run, cycle or ride and celebrate the total funds raised.