This is mission in action


We're called to rescue those whose lives have been overshadowed by poverty, sickness, or impossible hardship - to bring light to their darkness. We want to be the hand that lifts up the hopeless and points them to the hope, truth and love that we know is available for all people, everywhere.


We are in this for the long haul, investing strategically in partnerships that are effective not only in rescuing the broken, but also in empowering the rescued to walk into a brighter future. Our desire is that those who are rescued today will be empowered tomorrow to lead lives of eternal significance.


We want to see individuals and entire communities make the transition from being rescued to rescuing others. We believe it is the mandate of every person to rescue, empower and deploy, and that anyone can play a part in bringing this reality to life in the world. Through our ongoing support and on-the-ground partnerships, we’re empowering the rescued to go and make their own lasting impact on the world.

Global Impact



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Lives Directly Impacted

People Registered This Year:
0 / 2000
Funds Raised This Year:
$0 / $1,000,000

One people, one purpose, one mission, one mandate: Rescue. Empower. Deploy. In all four cities we will run, cycle, drive and ride. As ordinary people with an extraordinary God, we will give our ordinary to fulfil an extraordinary dream. This is our opportunity to touch the miracle and make a difference for people who desperately need it. All it takes is 2000 people, raising $500 each to raise $1 Million for mission.

Our Partners


We believe in the power of partnership, and are humbled to be in relationship with some incredible organisations around the world, where, together, we are making a lasting impact. The mission of Edge RED is outworked through strategic partnerships with these organisations.