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In the 5 years since its inception Run to RED has personally touched the lives of multiplied thousands of individuals. There are so many stories we could never document them all. From 7 year old Thomas who has won his battle with cancer, to 17 year old Rashana taken out of extreme poverty in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, given an education and a future. To 16 year old Pervuti rescued from sex trafficking on the Nepalese boarder and 53 year old stroke victim Maria in Nicaragua who received much needed medical treatment, Run To RED is transforming people’s lives!


Rashana was orphaned at 5 years of age. Her parents divorced and when neither one of them wanted her she was abandoned. She was moved from the small country village in northern Cambodia and the only life she had known to live with an Aunt she had never met in the slums of Phnom Penh.

Rashana lived in extreme poverty in a small shack alongside the sewerage outlet with no hope and no future. One day someone told her aunt about Transform Cambodia, a partner with Run To RED. Transform Cambodia take the most needy children from the slums of Phnom Penh and give them a chance at a brighter future. Rashana was accepted by Transform Cambodia and life as she knew it was about to change.

Transform Cambodia gave Rashana food, clothing and access to an education. The teachers at Transform Cambodia encouraged Rashana to dream big, to believe that she could do anything. They told her she was a champion and that she would be a leader in Cambodia’s future. Rashana believed her teachers and became an outstanding student.

In 2017 Rashana was chosen along with 3 other students to travel to Nicaragua to take part in the 1Nation1Day campaign. She joined with a team from Edge Church going into schools, speaking to children who had a similar background of poverty and despair encouraging them to work hard and dream big because their lives could change.

Rashana has now graduated from high school and with funds raised through Run To RED is being supported through university. Her dream to become a diplomat and work for the United nation’s so that she can help children living in poverty around the world.

This is rescue, empower and deploy.


Pervuti was the youngest of 9 children being raised by a single mother in far west Nepal. She was 16 years old a much older man asked her to marry him. He promise to love and provide for her was shallow and he relentlessly mistreated Pervuti.

He planned to take her to India to sell her as a sex slave. But she was spotted by the team from Angel House who work day in and day out on the boarder of Indian and Nepal. She was rescued and ran taken to an Angel House. Pervuti is one of 15,000 women rescued by the Run To RED partner Angel House team every year.

She was broken and afraid but at Angel House she felt safe and secure. Counsellors helped to bring healing to the mental and emotional wounds she now carried. Over time she was provided with vocational training in textiles and cosmetology.

Pervuti has been taught her real value and worth, that every woman has value and purpose. She had been empowered to be a voice that will speak out for other women and Angel House believe she will be part of shaping the future for many women in Nepal.

This is rescue, empower, deploy in action.