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Transform Cambodia

Edge Houses 1, 2, 3 & 4

We have established 4 Edge House Centres in Phneom Phen, each supporting over100 children. In partnership with individuals who sponsor the children we are providing health care, food, clothing, education, life skills and creative development.

Centre Conferences

Run To RED funds the annual Transform Cambodia Conference where 3500 children from all 35 centres come together for leadership training and to celebrate academic achievements. The children are empowered to run the conference that is a celebration of hope and transformation.

University Access

Through Run To RED we have provided the computers needed for students undertaking university studies to have on-line access to the best universities in the world. We provide scholarships so that every student wanting to undertake tertiary study will be given the opportunity to choose their future with very few barriers.

Each university student also works as an intern in Transform Cambodia, investing in young street children who are beginning the same journey.

Angel House Freedom Campus

In poverty stricken villages in Nepal men “marry” or promise employment to young girls and then try to transport them to India to sell them into prostitution. Our partnering border agents inspect every vehicle and question girls in suspicious situations. If they find a girl who has been taken against her will, has been illegally sold by her family, or has been manipulated into taking this journey, our agents will take the girl to their offices and the man will be arrested by the Nepali government. Over 15,000 girls are saved every year.

If a girl cannot go back to her family, she is put into an Angel House Freedom Home for full rehabilitation, discipleship and vocational training.

Through Run To RED we have been able to help fund the first Angel House Freedom Campus that will house hundreds of rescued girls. The Campus complete with dorms, counselling rooms, full kitchen, chapel, beauty salon and classrooms for vocational training was completed in 2018.

1Nation1Day Dominican Republic

Through Run To RED we were able to sponsor the state of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic in partnership with and 1Nation1Day. Working together with national and local government we encouraged the nation to become The Best Dominican.

A team from Edge Church joined with over 2000 international missionaries and travelled to the Dominican Republic to bring a message of hope and keys to change to the entire nation. We provided medical clinics, clean water projects and spoke in villages and schools.

We were able to distribute 2000 pairs of shoes to children living in extreme poverty.

The week culminated with a stadium rally’s that were held across the nation and streamed live on national television. Hundreds of thousands of people gathered to hear how they could become The Best Dominican.

1Nation1Day Nicaragua

In 2017 Run To RED once more partnered with Missions.Me and 1Nation1Day in the nation of Nicaragua. A team from Edge Church travelled to Nicaragua where we sponsored the state of Esteli. Once again we brought humanitarian aid in the form of medical clinics and clean water projects as well as bringing a message of hope to schools and villages throughout the state.

The message that Nicaragua Shines was on our lips and in our hearts. We spoke about goals and dreams to high school students and encouraged them to stay in school. Our goal was to reduce the almost 50% drop out rate among high schoolers. Over 2000 community leaders were trained to continue the work after we were gone.

In Esteli alone 65000 people turned out to the stadium rally to celebrate the message that Nicaragua Shines. Across the nation hundreds of thousands joined the movement attending simultaneous rally’s in every single state.

Childhood Cancer Association Adelaide

Through Run To RED we have sponsored

  • 2389 counselling sessions
  • 5103 nights of accommodation
  • 3753 hospital visits to children and their families

Christmas Fair

Run To RED funds the Childhood Cancer Association Christmas Fair, it’s the happiest day of the year for kids fighting the battle with cancer and their families.

The Edge Church building is transformed into a Christmas Wonderland and everything is free. There’s rides, games, arts and crafts, Santa’s Cave, presents, plus all the lollies, cakes, ice cream and delicious food you can eat.

The Christmas Fair provides families with special moments filled with joy that become cherished memories they will hold on to forever.

Renovation Of Michael Rice Units

When children from the country need to stay in Adelaide for cancer treatment the Michael Rice Units at Prospect provide them with accommodation. These units had not been updated since they were built in the 1970’s so Edge Church organised a complete renovation updating the exterior of the buildings, gardens, interior, furniture, electrical appliances, providing games for the kids and more!

The two week renovation transformed these 4 units from tired and run down to modern and luxurious. They became an oasis to return to after the difficulty of chemo and other medical treatments.

Renovation Of CCA Offices

The offices of the Childhood Cancer Association received a much needed upgrade. We improved office work spaces for staff and installed purpose built counselling rooms and play areas for families using the facilities. Volunteers worked around the clock and the total transformation took place in just 1 week.

World Vision

HwiKwi School Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Through our partnership with World Vision Run To RED was able to build the HwiKwi Secondary School in rural Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. The project involved the building of class rooms, toilets, providing clean water and teacher accommodation (very important for securing good teachers in rural locations).

Over 300 children are now receiving an education at the school. These children are now safe, healthy and receiving a good education. They will go on to become farmers, business people, teachers and community leaders making a difference within their own community.

Bermula Market Place Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Partnering with World Vision, Run To RED was able to provide the funds to build a market place in Bermula in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. Farmers were selling their wares in the dirt on the side of a road, under the hot sun. The completion of the market provided them with a safe and hygienic environment reducing the incidence of infection and disease especially in the most vulnerable children aged under 5.

In a 12 month period the market will support 2000 farmers and small business owners who will sell their produce in a safe and healthy environment. Each week the market services over 3200 locals.