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Sample Email

Hi (insert name),

I wanted to write and tell you about something incredibly exciting that I am doing. I’m changing the lives of people living in poverty, slavery, sickness and desperate need by raising funds for Run To RED.

Together we can rescue those whose lives have been overshadowed impossible hardship and empower them to be the hand that reaches out to someone else in need. Through deploying the rescued we will transform the future of individuals, communities, even entire nations.

Will you support me? Here’s a link to my registration page (insert link to your registration page).

If you would like to know more about Run To RED go to

Thank you so much for your support!

Sample SMS / Text Message

Hi (insert name),

I’m changing lives by raising funds for Run To RED. Check out this incredible charity at Will you support me? Here’s a link to my fundraising page (insert link). I’m helping to rescue, empower and deploy people living in desperate need like kids with cancer, kids in poverty and trafficked women. I would really appreciate your support!