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Our History

In 2014 Edge Church International established Ride For Hope to fund the mission of the church to rescue those in need both locally and globally.

Over 4 years Ride For Hope raised and distributed over $1.5 million. 100% of these funds were given away to partner organisations touching the lives of people in countries such as Zimbabwe, Cambodia, Nepal, Nicaragua and The Dominican Republic. Ride For Hope also worked in conjunction with Edge Churches local Campuses impacting lives in Adelaide Australia, Bristol in the United Kingdom and Long Island USA.

In 2018 we recognised that the people we were supporting needed more than just a hand up, they needed to be empowered to be part of their solution. From here on, our focus shifted from just rescuing people from their immediate difficulty to empowering them to be part of the solution and then deploying them to rescue others. Following this shift, in 2018 Ride For Hope was re-established as Run To RED.

The revelation to rescue, empower and deploy came from a story in the Bible recorded in Mark, chapter 2. It tells of a man in desperate need, unable to walk, living in pain, with no opportunity for income or hope for the future. A group of his friends went to extraordinary lengths to carry him on a mat to meet Jesus, who had already touched and healed many people with incurable issues. As his friends had expected, Jesus reached out and healed the man of his immediate condition. But the story doesn’t end there.

Jesus told the man to “stand up, pick up your mat and go home.” Jesus said this to show that while the man no longer had any need for his mat, by taking it with him he could use it to help others with the same need. In the same way his friends had used that very mat to carry him to the feet of Jesus to receive healing, he now had the physical capacity to do the same to others. This man was rescued, empowered and deployed and it is this revelation that Run To RED is built on.