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Hold An Event

  1. Choose your event.
    Don’t know what to do? Check out our Fundraising Guide in the resources area
  2. Find a venue
    Home is the easiest place to hold an event but if you need more space try these options:
    • Ask your boss if you can use the office/board room
    • Hire a hall and ask them to waive the hire fee
    • Approach a café/restaurant or hotel and ask for the use of a room at no cost or reduced cost
  3. Invite your friends
  4. Plan the details
    • Organise food, drink and any other details
    • Plan to make a Run To RED presentation at the event
      Go to How To Make A Presentation in our resources section
    • Be ready to take donations in cash and on-line at your giving page
  5. Have fun!
    Enjoy the night knowing that you are transforming the lives of hurting people all around the world.
    Make sure you thank everyone for coming!