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Fundraising Ideas

Are you ready to make a big difference in the world?The more funds we raise the more lives we can transform. So why not start fundraising today, here’s how.The A-Z of Fundraising ideas


Arts & Crafts

If you are crafty make something to sell. You can sell to people you know, sell on-line, at an arts and crafts market or speak to a store about stocking your goods.

Afternoon Tea

Invite friends over for tea/coffee and some delicious cake. Ask them to give a donation. Add a theme like wearing fancy hats, or theme around a country with the food to match, like French or Italian.



Invite people over for a barbecue and ask for a donation.


Offer to babysit for donations.


Car Wash

Offer to wash cars for cash.

Casual Day

Ask your boss if you can have a casual day at work. Everyone has to donate to come in casual clothes.


Dinner Party

Host an elaborate dinner party and ask your guests to donate what they think the meal was worth or set a $ value up front that they have to pay to attend.

Dog Wash

Offer to wash the dogs of your friends or go to a dog park and set up a dog washstand. Make some doggy treats to sell as well.


Easter– No chocolate thanks

Ask people to donate to Run To RED instead of giving you an Easter egg.


Get together with friends who can paint or make artworks. Hold an exhibition, you can charge an entry fee, sell the items or sell coffee, cakes or cool drinks to people who attend.


Fancy Dress

Hold a fancy dress party and ask for donations.

Fill The Jar

Fill a jar with jelly beans or M&M’s and ask people to guess the number. Charge an amount per guess. The winner gets the jar.


Gumtree / Garage Sale

Find things around the house that you don’t need anymore, sell them on Gumtree or have a garage sale and donate the funds. Ask your friends and work colleagues to add items you can sell.

Games Night

Pull out the board games and invite people over for a good old fashioned game night. Everyone makes a donation to attend.



What can you do well - helping, gardening, car detailing, baby sitting, cooking? Hire out your helpful services to friends and work colleagues to raise funds.

Hair Cut

Get people to sponsor you to get a radical hair cut or maybe a colour.


International Meal

Host an international themed meal and get guests to donate to attend. Or get everyone to bring an international dish as well as donate to attend.

Increase by $1

Get a jar, put in $1 for week 1, $2 in week 2, $3 in week 3 and so on. If you do this for 6 months you will raise $351, do it for 1 year and raise $1378.


Juice Stand

Take your juicer/blender into work and make up delicious fresh juice to sell to your colleagues.

Just one Coffee a day

Give up just one bought coffee a day and over 6 weeks you could raise over $170!


Karaoke Night

Bring out the Karaoke machine and have a great night. Ask guests to donation or charge a fee to attend.

Keep Up With Me

Ask your boss to match all or a percentage of the amount you raise.


Lunch Run

Offer to bring in lunch for your work colleagues for a donation.


Movie Night

Hire a big screen and put it inside or outside for a moonlight cinema experience, and ask for donations.


Are you a good cook? Bake some goods to take to your work place and ask for a donation.


Night Garden

Use fairy lights and candles to create a beautiful atmosphere in your garden. Invite people to attend and enjoy the atmosphere with hot drinks and nibbles. Maybe light a bonfire or fire pit if you have the right yard and ask for a donation..

No presents Please

Do you have a birthday or anniversary coming up? Is it Mother's day or Father's day soon? Tell people that instead of presents you would like them to donate to your Run To RED account instead.


Office Collection

Put a collection tin on your desk or at your reception and encourage your workmates to donate.


Hold a mini Olympics sports day and charge people to come along. This is a great one for the whole family to participate in. Create fun events for the whole family including a piggy back race or an egg and spoon race.


Plant Sale

Plan ahead and buy a packet of seeds or seedlings. When the vegetables grow or flowers look great take them to work and ask for donations.

Potluck Meal

Get everyone in your work place to bring something for breakfast or lunch and enjoy a pot luck meal. Or you could do this one at home. Donate to participate.


Quiz Night

Everyone loves a trivia night. Choose a theme, like the 80’s or just general knowledge. Charge people to attend.


Ride Along

If you are into cycling or motor cycling organise a ride/drive and invite your friends to join you for a donation.


Sausage Sizzle

Find a venue and fire up the barbie, whether it’s your local footy game or local hardware store. Make sure you ask for permission first.

Sports Day

Organise a golf tournament, tennis round robin, bowls day, darts night, what every you are into. Charge people to participate.


Treasure Hunt

Create a crazy treasure hunt and ask people to donate to participate. Send them in their cars to crazy locations to pick up items along the way.

Themed Dinners

Build a dinner around a theme and ask your guests to dress appropriately according to the theme. Ask for a donation to attend.


Variety of Food

What type of food do your friends like? Cheese? Chocolate? Invite them over to taste a whole variety of the very best. Donate to attend.