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What is A Run To RED Presentation?

The purpose of a Run To RED presentation is to inform others about Run To RED, to share the vision, celebrate the impact and encourage people to partner with you through donations and sponsorship.

This is done by watching a brief video presentation followed by a request for support.

Video Resources

When to make a Run To RED presentation

  • At your fundraising event
  • When asking your boss, teacher, sporting club or other organisation to partner with you.
  • When approaching businesses to supply goods, services or to make a donation.
  • When approaching friends and family for donations

What you will need

  • An audio/visual device to show a short video
  • Access to the Run To RED website or a download of the video from our site
  • Run To RED brochures (collect these from any Edge Church Campus)
  • A script of what you will say after the video. Make your own or use the sample script below.

How To Make A Run To RED Presentation

  • Thank the person/people for their time.
  • Depending on how much time you have show the Run To RED 60 sec or 4 min presentation video
  • Use the sample script or write your own to ask for donations, sponsorship and support.
  • Give everyone a Run To RED brochure and direct them to our website
  • Give everyone the link to your registration page for them to donate.
  • Thank everyone for their time.

Sample Script

I am raising funds for Run To RED because I am passionate about seeing people rescued from incredible hardship, empowered to make a difference themselves and then deployed to rescue others.

Sometimes as individuals we can feel helpless to bring about real change in a world of overwhelming need, but together we can make a difference.

Run To RED partners with a number of local and international charities. I am especially passionate about (insert charity/charities name) because (insert reason you are passionate about this particular area, one or two sentences only).

100% of the funds raised will be given away. Please watch this short video overview.

Play video

Will you partner with me by (insert the type of support you are seeking).

Together we can make a lasting impact in the lives of hurting people and create sustainable change that will impact entire nations and generations.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to this presentation.