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Do you want to make a difference in the world?

The more funds we raise the more lives we can transform as we rescue, empower and deploy. So start fundraising today, here’s how.

  1. Sign Up
    Register for Run To RED
    Personalise your registration page
    • Add your photo and write a mission statement
      Why are you raising funds? Share your heart and people will be moved to donate. Keep it brief, one or two sentences max.
    • Make a donation
      Lead the way by making the first donation yourself
  2. Tell Others
    • Tell your friends, family, work colleagues, everyone!
      Go to resources for sample emails and social media posts
    • Use social media to share your giving link
    • Make a Run To RED presentation
      Refer to How To Make A Presentation in the resources section
  3. Plan a fundraiser
    Come up with a fundraising idea
    • Hold an event
    • Sell something
    • Simply ask people to sponsor you
    Don't know what to do? Go to Fundraising ideas
  4. Pray for your fundraiser
    Let us know about your event and we will pray with you!